Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zoo time!

Grace experienced the zoo for the first time last week. What a day! It was pretty nice out, so we didn't have to deal with the rain, but I almost would have taken that over all the people! We went on a Thursday, and for some reason, it was completely packed. It took us about 20 minutes just to find a parking space, and I'm not exaggerating. Then once we got in, we had to pay $9.75 per person to get in. PER PERSON!! My sister said the Washington DC zoo is free. I'm sure it's a million times better than the Oregon zoo, too. Anyhoo, after we got over the sticker shock (which, I'll admit isn't horrible for an entire day of entertainment), we headed in to see the animals, right? What animals? I think all of the big animals were on hibernation. Although, I must say that Grace LOVED watching the fish and playing in the water. I think the zoo is more of a 3-5 year old thing. Once the kids actually know that they are looking for animals, it's probably much more entertaining for them.

She did love to ride the train, though. She was getting a little fussy at this point, but she liked to watch the trees go by.

Even one year olds can get bored at the zoo.

Grace and Jesse sat in the big eagles nest. They were having so much fun! Jesse's cousin Aiden, however, was not. It was far too dirty for him to step foot in. But I must say, I'm with him! It did look pretty dirty!
All in all, I must say we had a pretty fun day. Grace enjoyed herself, and she got to see some pretty wild fish! I know I sound skeptical, but we really did have a fun time. We won't be going back, though, for a couple years. :)


Carrie V said...

Hi! If you go on a Tuesday, it's only $2. I would wait until school is back in this fall though, Tuesdays are packed in the summer. :)

Sarah Webb said...

We did the zoo when Jared was 9 months and it was a fun day, but I'm going to wait to go back too. The children's museum is also awsome. We've been there three times, but mostly just as a social thing with other moms. It's also better for older kids.

jeremyand jessicapotter said...

holy moly ten dollars! its amazing what they can charge to see an animal. you probably had to pay another ten just for water to drink. looks like fun though

Rachel and John said...

Hey girl! I dont know if you remember such a crazy lady as me. But I found your blog through Stephanie Jensens. Your baby girl is beautuful! John and I have twin baby girls that just turned 1 also. Just posted their b-day pics! Feel free to check out our blog anytime! Hope all is well! *Rachel Moultrie

Misti Dawn said...

Super fun blog! I love all the pictures! She is getting so big and such a little lady! They grow too fast!
Misti :)